Healthy, Non-Fat, Low-Calorie Vanilla Mousse

Hi, my friend,

How are you? Are you reading this article? Well, let me tell you this: it’s nothing short of a miracle that somebody is reading MY article! Wow! Here is my Big, Fat Thank you!

And… taking about the fat… This is my first ever recipe post! Only… It’s actually no-fat.

An idea for this mousse (that you can also use as a frosting) came to me awhile ago and I just loved it because it’s so simple and easy to make, it’s delicious, healthy, decadent and indulgent and at the same time completely guilt-free dessert that I like to eat for breakfast (as you hopefully get to know me a little better, you’ll see that it’s one of my most favorite things to do: to have an indulgent (but of course healthy) dessert for breakfast. Yes, a lot of my days start with a cake. But it’s a healthy cake (made with this or another one of my healthy frostings. And I don’t even have to think about taking another slice!)

Healthy Non-Fat Vanilla Mousse

And remember how I reported to you that I just got my first real digital camera? So, guess what? I’m a actually using it! I wanted my photos to look nice and I’ve worked extra hard to learn all about digital photography. Well, there is still a lot to learn, of course, but… I finally took some nice pictures and I am just so proud of myself, that I’ve been walking around with a silly smile all day! But it feels good to accomplish something, right? Right?

So here it is:


Healthy, Non-Fat, Low-Calorie Fluffy Vanilla Mousse

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 4 servings
Author Liza


  • 16 oz container of Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 3.4 oz packet instant vanilla pudding mix*


  1. Scoop all the yogurt in a mixing bowl and pour the contents of the pudding mix on top of the yogurt. Whisk the mixture first on low speed (so it doesn't end up flying all over your kitchen), gently folding the dry mix into the yogurt, and then use the higher speed to fluff it all up.
  2. Gobble on with a side of your favorite fruit (I like to top it with pieces of banana or with blueberries).

Recipe Notes

*When I cook for myself I use the low-carb, but healthy pudding mix (Healthy Delish brand) that I buy in Whole Foods. It's made made with xylitol and it's only 32 cal. per serving.*When I cook for my kids (and when it comes to my kids I am the same way as when it comes to my skincare, only much more anxious as far as any kind of experimenting goes. And no matter how many times anyone tells me that erythritol, xylitol and other "healthy" sugar-substitutes are perfectly OK, I just feel safer to give my kids "real" food and let them have not too much, but a little bit of the organic pudding mix made with the real sugar. Who knows what we'll find out about all those "healthy" substitutes in a few years...)


Healthy Non-Fat Vanilla Mousse


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